Go from ZERO to
Quality Leads!
Lower Client Acquisition Costs!
Expand Your Brand Globally
Make the Most of New Technologies!
$297 - $399
NO leads = NO Buisness.
 What makes this course unique is that I empower you in  the 2 sides of lead generation:
1) Mining for leads which involves you seeking buyers &
2) Affordable ways to help buyers find you. 
This training has been plucked directly from our boot camps where we help individuals, just like you, dramatically increase their number of quality leads.
You finding buyers is only HALF of the success formula for selling.
How easy have you made it for prospects to find you or your product?
You'll learn how to attract and cultivate your most sales-ready opportunities which will result in a lower client acquisition cost, and higher sales profitability. 
Here's what you'll get:
  • 17 training modules on lead generation strategies designed to help you both attract & seek out high quality leads.
  • Strategies gain a global audience for your product or service.
  • Keeping it affordable: How to keep lead generation costs at a minimum.
  • Understanding the latest and most profitable technologies to assist your lead generation efforts.
  • How to better leverage your client base with new opportunities.
  • Social Media best practices
  • Workbook included for each course module!
I am offering this course at a  drastically reduced rate!
Participants at my sales boot camps pay $2500  -
Businesses hire me at a rate of $9,000 per day!

for ONLY $297   was $399
Capture buyers who have been slipping through your fingers.
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